Are you in the Design Stage? Do you need a Designing Partner?
The Tank Design Studio one of the best Website Designing and Mobile App Designing Agency in Mumbai is available at your service.


Once the idea is set up and executed accordingly, the next step is to design the output that will give us the required result. All of our websites, apps, blogs etc are designed with the bottom line in mind.

So What is Design really?

Based on the definition from Google Dictionary – design is a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other objects before it is made. But for The Tank Design Studio, Design would mean a process or a stage where visual communication is used to depict a solution/representation of a solution, in a way that it appeals the users and the stake holder.
A design is based on the idea that you have generated, Idea helps you create the roadmap of your design making process. If your Idea is strong enough your Design will automatically try to the solve the problem that you are looking to solve.

Our Process during the Design Stage –

Ask Questions – We would ask you a lot of questions, we will just go ballistic with our questions. These are not just questions about your business, we even ask indirect questions, we have learned that often clients have helped us create a better design when we talk with them about random things, and they reveal a lot about what they want from their business.

Listen – We love to listen to our clients, and we know the difference between hearing and listening! We don’t always get the information easily, we have, many a time needs to get the information from between the lines, and that is only possible if we listen to our clients. We agree that clients are also enthusiastic about their business, and would want someone to listen to their concept and work with them to create the best designs.

Clients are Human – We love to chat with our clients, they are humans and the more we know them outside of their business, and more we will know their business.

No Jargons – We feel that jargons have spoiled the way the industry works, Client has his own area of expertise and bombarding them with jargons will only lead to misdirecting conversations, next time you hear us talking about designs that will look good on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop of various sizes, we are basically talking about responsive designs.

Research – Once we have the brief of the design, we research! The competitor, Similar Businesses, Other businesses, reference material given by the client. Extensive research not only provides an edge over the competition but also provides an elegant design!

Create Design – Mockups, Wireframes, Color Schemes, Fonts, Shapes, Sizes, Placements, Artwork. . . All of this is created and shown to the client and we are ready to move forward or may rework to make it better.

What is the relation of Design Stage and The Tank Design Studio?

When you work with The Tank Design Studio, you can expect us to do personalized websites tailored to your brand’s strengths and budget. Multiple assisting design services for your blog, social profiles, and more. So you’ve got the idea and website running, but you’re not really sure on how to improve its design and performance? Well, there are certainly a number of things that you can do to increase the number of conversions and sales that you receive from your website, however many of these techniques can be quite advanced and can be difficult for the average man to implement on your own. We have helped abundant businesses build and optimize their professional websites for better performance. Good websites start with good design. If your site looks outdated, hard to use, or poor in any way, you risk losing customers. That’s why our designers work with our Internet Marketing team to make a good-looking website that also promotes your brand. That way, you get an outstanding website with the look you want and the SEO power to rank in Google search results.

This is the foundation of our web design process. We start from this stance because your success is our success. So if we want to be a successful company, we have to give you the website that best fits your business.
As a small business owner, regardless of what business you are in, you need to have a great blueprint ready. Today, most people search online for products or services that they are interested in and your website forms your brand impression. In order to maximize your sales, your website needs to look professional and credible to your audience.

While you can certainly try and design your website or mobile app on your own, it always pays to invest in professional services. We possess the skills and the expertise to build you a high-quality digital platform that will meet your business objectives. If you think that a good design will be expensive, we would like to tell you that the cost of bad design is far worse. We build a design that saves you time and money. Indeed, skilled professional designers have extensive industry knowledge, creativity, and experience and this allows them to create great digital designs for clients. Professional designers also make use of design software to turn your ideas into reality effectively and within desired time frames. When you choose to work with a professional designer, you need not worry about spending extra on reiterations. Moreover, you will be left with much more free time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Also, our skilled professionals use the latest design trends in digitalizing your idea. Professional website designers are well educated in design theory fundamentals, such as form and function, color psychology and theory, grids and ratios, packaging, marketing, and advertising, among others. Professionals are always well aware of which design and styling trends are currently being used. Professionals will use their expertise to do what is best for your business as their reputation is also on the line. We provide you with an Optimized design.

What this means for you is that your website will perform better and load faster. This doesn’t just improve the user experience in which your website offers, but it will also improve how your website rankings on Google. Our Designers understand how to write CSS and HTML codes much better than a standard developer. Designers can also fine-tune your website to offer the best experience to a user. As a business owner, you need to express your vision to your target audience so that they can place their trust in you. Doing this through words or images can be quite difficult. Professionals will take the time to understand your vision thoroughly and then build visual concepts around it. This helps in reinforcing your message and your goals. With professional designers, you will be able to communicate your ideas clearly to your target audience. When it comes to design a business website, it is always a good idea to invest in the services of a professional website design company. Furthermore, skilled professionals will make use of proper design fundamentals and will build your digitalized platform based on the latest design trends. Investing in professionals will help you realize your business vision and you will be provided with an optimized website with which you can stun your audience. We have good experience in creating all types of business websites, including e-commerce websites and mobile websites. Every website that we create is based on responsive design and we always create highly engaging websites that offer a great user experience. For a website to be effective and attractive to the visitor it not only has to be well-structured, it needs to be modern and visually appealing. So now that we know the visual layout of the website, we turn the wireframes to our graphic designers. We also have a development team with extensive knowledge of how to create strong back-end code for a website. With them backing up your site’s design, your site won’t just look good but it’ll run like a dream. Last, we can perform online testing to find the best ways to improve your site for conversion. So even after your site is made, we can continue updating it so you’ll earn attract more customers and revenue with minor, carefully-modified updates as and when needed.

The Tank Design Studio will look into various digital platforms suitable for your brand and product band and launch it on the appropriate platform with the help of such skilled developers.