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From the moment you make a decision to set up a business, you’re in the “Business Lifecycle”. This will enable you to see the journey from Idea to Startup, and if successful, through to the growth and maturity phases.


What are Ideas?

An idea is a solution to a problem – That is our in-house definition of an Idea.

So let’s say you have something to show, some kind of a content ready for people to see, you show it to people, who are friends, family, relatives, neighbors, professionals etc. they look at that content and give you a feedback in the form of a vote, a positive vote means the Idea is good, and negative vote means the Idea is not so good and you need to improve the Idea or rethink on it.


How to generate an Idea?

Successful people use their imagination to generate idea’s, they are always thinking looking at day to day problems, and thinking of solutions to those problems, they even take some decisions themselves to make the world a better place.
How do they use their imagination to generate idea? Is this a secret? The reality is there is no secret!

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What is an Idea Stage?

The IDEA Stage is the process of solidifying a business idea into an executable business plan. The focus at this stage should be market research and gather data that will allow the startup founders to steer the new business start-up into a differentiated market niche where resistance to market entry will be the lowest and sales can be achieved most easily. You need the necessary skills to get the business off the ground. This stage basically voices out that “You’re passionate about your idea and you have enough capital to make your dream a reality”.

If you are in this “Idea stage,” you’ll want to put together a detailed business plan and hire professionals to help you, if necessary.


What is the relation of Idea Stage and The Tank Design Studio?

Arguably, the most important stage of web development projects that we undertake at The Tank Design Studio is the idea stage. In this stage, you will communicate your ideas to our designer and this forms the basis of the entire project. While it’s fair to say that business is never challenging, a look at each of the stages of the business lifecycle highlights a unique set of obstacles to deal with and overcome.
You will have to be flexible in your thinking and adapt your strategy as you move along, and you need a strong tech partner like us here. Indeed, different approaches are required for market penetration versus, for example, what may be required to achieve growth or retain market share.
This idea stage involves critical attention to detail and also requires a lot of interaction between clients, designers, and developers. There are a number of sub-stages of this stage, which include analyzing requirements, drawing up a project charter, building a site map, defining roles, financial points and copyrights through contracts, gaining access to build folder structures, website, name, and servers and also determining the resources and required software to be used in the project and the list is never ending.
Your goal as a startup is to make something a user loves. If you do that, then you have to figure out how to get a lot more users. But this first part is critical, think about the really successful companies of today. They all started with a product that their early users loved so much they told other people about it. If you fail to do this, you will fail.

If you deceive yourself and think your users love your product when they don’t, you will still fail.”- Sam Altman.

Think like a tree, your ideas are seeds with the potential to become highly desirable fruits in the form of products, services and other forms of value. For a fruit to gain traction it has to be appealing and desirable, within reach and fulfilling once it’s eaten.
In startup terms, Appealing and desirable means your product has to be presented in a form that your ideal customer finds appealing and desirable. For example, a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry are both automobiles and have many of the same parts however they are packaged differently to appeal to people with different tastes.

Basically, we will work with your Idea, talk to you and identify what do you want, as critical the stage is, this becomes the base of the entire project. Requirements Analysis of the Idea is critical to the success of a web development or a mobile app development project. At this stage, we work with our clients to define all the information that will go on the site. We ask the client to send us a preliminary project requirements document that outlines their vision and short/long-term business objectives. The document can also include user scenarios, use cases, wireframes, or design sketches.
The idea is simple: you give us as much information as possible and we provide the most accurate estimate of resources required

If you have a Request for Proposal (RFP) document with requirements for your web project – you can also send it to us.
By understanding your vision, requirements and business goals, we define the core functionality and architecture of the upcoming website. Once the website architecture is clear we understand the navigational structure, conversion, and content goals. For a website or mobile app to be effective and attractive to the visitor it not only has to be well-structured, it needs to be modern and visually appealing.

With over a decade of experience, we have helped a lot of customers with their development projects. So when you need a set of streamlined methodologies that work effectively, our process is designed for you to produce predictable results.

A Successful product launch should address whether the appropriate number of products exists, whether you have correctly planned and executed your marketing activities, whether all of the appropriate documentations have been developed. Whether you’re a small business with just a few employees, a mid-sized company, or an enterprise corporation, it’s likely that you’re focused on one main goal i.e. engaging your ideas in a productive and channelized way.

We at The Tank Design Studio, help you achieve this goal.